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A Healthy Billion, powered by Vidapost, is a community initiative to improve health by the BILLIONS.

It is Personal  – A Healthy Billion is a personal and professional commitment by Jen Pleimann to help improve the health and wellness of those with chronic conditions.  It is an effort to create awareness, educate and inform others regarding the everyday needs of those managing chronic conditions and create a deeper understanding of ways to improve everyday health and wellness.  Most importantly our goal is to encourage others to make a personal healthy billion commitment understanding that we all have a role to play in improving everyday health, reducing healthcare costs and promoting everyday care coordination.

It is a Community – A Healthy Billion is a community initiative to connect and work together to improve the health and wellness of many.  We are building a community who understand the importance of a personal commitment but who also believe that together we can improve health by the billions.

The Healthy Billion Commitment:

1) Time – Everything takes time and we are asking for a bit of yours.  We ask that companies who wish to adopt A Healthy Billion initiative commit 10% of their time to volunteering or donating their time in their particular field of expertise.  We ask that individuals commit to donating their time as a “supporter”, helping a loved or being paired an individual with a chronic condition in our network.

2) Money – Yes, time is money but we also ask, if you are able to make a financial commitment to A Healthy Billion.  Our Healthy Billion companies, contribute 10% of their income to A Healthy Billion initiatives – we work with your company to determine a company match that works for you and your employees.  Individually, you can make a donation or join our challenge for $35.  All contributions, big and small, help us support like-minded health & wellness initiatives and services that improve the health of those with chronic conditions.

3) Movement – Last but not least, we encourage you to move with us.  Register for A Healthy Billion Challenge: 1 Billion Steps.  We commit to walking 10,000 steps a day and encourage all abilities to move with us.  Enjoy the motivation and encouragement that our Ambassadors provide via pictures, video messages and Facebook posts.  Please note:  Our Ambassador program, sponsored by BuddiesInACTION is a leadership program for adults with intellectual disabilities.  As a participant in the challenge, you earn your Ambassador Health & Wellness points for every step you take and they earn points for sending messages and for their steps as well.

A healthy billion is a blog, a cause, a challenge, a commitment and a community.  We hope you will join us on a healthy journey – Get Started Here.

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