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Training, Schedules & Routines

September 24, 2013

Whether or not you have completed an ironman, you have probably participated in some  kind of event that required training, a schedule and maybe a regular routine in order to complete it.

Now before I continue, I have to confess that I am a professional procrastinator.  If things don’t work out on my startup ironman journey, I am fairly confident I could land a job in teaching procrastination skills…

I think it is a genetic ‘disease.’  My sisters have it, my dad defines it and my mom, well she consistently reminds us by her actions that she was blessed with the extreme organization gene (the kind that causes you to pack two weeks prior to a vacation or plan meals months in advance).

Now I also have to say that we (my sisters, Dad and myself) manage our ‘disease’ pretty well.  If we have to get something done, we absolutely manage to get it done.  And we are extremely supportive of each other’s last minute, late night phone calls as we scramble to cross the finish line.  But it is not always pretty…

Here’s the deal with training, schedules and routines:

If it is of smaller magnitude, than you can fly by the seat of your pants and get away with no training, schedules or routines.

For example, many people could sign up for a 5k, not train at all, and cross the finish line with no problem at all.

If it is of medium magnitude, it usually requires a decent amount of attention prior to the day of.  You may be able to get away without having a consistent routine; you may not even need a schedule, but you’ll at least need to complete some training – even if it is scattered.

This is your half marathon.  It may not be pretty but if you’re goal is simply to cross the finish line and you don’t care how you get there, minimal training will suffice.

And then there is the big event.  While there are a handful of individuals that will absolutely defy the odds, the majority of people will not complete a big event without training, a schedule and a routine.  You can’t cram the night, the week or even the month before the big event – it requires a long term commitment.

This is your ironman.  It requires discipline, commitment and passion (I would argue that passion is the most important as it is the only thing that will keep you going when the training gets really, really difficult).  You can show up to the big event unprepared but chances are you will end up injured, in the medic tent or just flat out miserable for the day.

Now that I have signed up for a startup ironman, I have no choice but to fight the procrastination gene.  It is time to start training, create a solid schedule and get into a regular routine.  I said a week or two ago, that I was “going back to school.”  No, I am not actually going to back to school but I was in need of a regular routine and schedule.

Here is what I use to get (and stay) organized.  If you have other suggestions, please share below!

  • Asana – Task management system.  I use this for both myself and my team.  If you like crossing things off a list and/or oversee the completion of projects, you definitely need this (web bases, ipad and iphone app).
  • Google calendars – Between 5 email accounts and 3 companies, I use google calendar to sync all of my info and events in one place
  • Hootsuite – Social media management.  Again, not 1 but 3 accounts here.  A definite lifesaver for scheduling and managing social media across all the outlets (linkedin, facebook, twitter, etc)….And this also allows for me to schedule out and get away every once in awhile:)
  • Mailchimp – Contacts, Newsletters and Updates.  I love mailchimp.  Super easy to use, again can schedule out and it’s FREE until a certain # of contacts (I believe 2,500).  I have accounts for my 2 companies and help occasionally with CAA and FIT.
  • Quickbooks – For managing all your financial needs – at least for now.  I can’t say that this is my favorite solution ever but that is potentially because I extremely dislike managing the books!
  • My dear friend Trish – She organizes it all!  I do not have a link for her but let’s just say she’ll empty out your closet until you only have 5 shirts left (I still haven’t decided if this is entirely a good thing:) and she’ll assist you with all your project planning needs.
  • Last but not least my dear friend Becca – she keeps me mentally organized!  As Trish would say, she is a “breath of fresh air.”  Just read her facebook posts.  All I will say is I don’t care how organized you are, if you aren’t mentally checking in regularly, the training, schedules and routines won’t matter!  You can contact Rebecca here.

So here we go – official startup ironman 2013/2014 starts now!  I will keep you updated on my super productive training days (aka…our companies progress), my crazy organized schedule (it’s a work in progress) and fill you in on the day in, day out routine of startup living including the billion tips I am learning along the way.

In the meantime, be sure to check out our campaign on Indiegogo and take part in the 10×10 campaign.  Pledge $10 and share with 10 people.

And remember, every event is defined by the individual completing it (ie.  a 5k to some may be a ‘big event’).  In order to create a proper training schedule and get into a routine that works for you, understand your goals, your time commitment and most importantly understand your passion.

Cheers to training, schedules and routines!


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