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1 Challenge, Many Causes: Part 2

April 29, 2013

On Friday, I shared a video highlighting the College of Adaptive Arts, a non-profit building a college for adults with disabilities.  As we get ready to kick off our first healthy billion challenge, 1 billion steps, we also begin supporting many causes, such as implementing health & wellness programs within the CAA.  For those of you who know me, you know I am known for my millions (or billions) of causes and initiatives.  A healthy billion is nothing short of that and below is a look into some of the causes behind our first challenge (as well as challenges to come):

The big picture:

We can start small, make changes one step at a time (which we will), and improve health one person at a time, but we have to start thinking BIG and understanding that together we can (and will) make changes by the billions.  A healthy billion is about decreasing everyday healthcare costs by the billions;  improving everyday care by the billions; and improving everyday health & wellness by the billions.

Although we are specifically focused on individuals with chronic conditions, our big picture cause is that every single one of us realizes that we are all a part of everyday care and understand that every single one of us has a role to play.  It is a “not I, but we” kind of initiative, a together-we-can- make-changes by the billions cause.

A for-profit with a non-profit cause:

Our mission at Vidapost is to not only improve the management of chronic conditions but to continuously focus on improving everyday health & wellness.  We will do this by supporting other causes, initiatives and research projects that support the everyday health and wellness of those with chronic conditions.

Our healthy billion challenges will encompass a variety of wellness initiatives – from movement to nutrition to mental wellness.  Every challenge will support a wellness project that falls within our overall mission.

As mentioned, our first challenge will help launch wellness programs within the College of Adaptive Arts – watch the CAA video here.

A type of crowdfunding:

Yes, our challenges cost money.  Yes, we will be supporting great organizations and projects.  And yes, you are also supporting Vidapost, an early-stage startup!  We want to be as transparent as possible from day 1 and will always make sure you are well informed about how your participation is financially supporting our many causes.

We also believe it is going to take a LARGE community to tackle our BIG initiatives so our crowdfunding efforts coincide with our efforts to begin building a community that believes together we can make healthy changes…by the billions.

A personal cause:

And finally, our Ambassador program is where is gets personal.  For years, I have worked with adults with a variety of disabilities and have always believed that one of the best ‘wellness’ tools we can provide these adults with (and many others tackling chronic conditions) is to provide them with an opportunity to ‘give back.’  Our Ambassador program is an opportunity for a population that most of view as the receiver of help to be “the giver.”

We believe our Ambassador program will enable those who are sick, disabled or elderly to have a healthy purpose and we believe that, as leaders, they will have a HUGE, healthy impact on the general community.

Together we are making changes by the billions.  We hope you will join our community and take the first steps by committing to our first challenge:  1 billion steps.

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